WASD - move

space -jump

left click - shoot grapple

right click - release grapple

R  - reset


Grapple.rar 43 MB


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I think I could do with textures on the walls?

Also, is there any point to the game? I mean, do you have to finish something, or is it just a spiderman freeplay kind of game?

I played the game once, and when I was wall climbing, i accidentally spammed the grapple button. when I released, it flung me across the map. Keep that feature.


EnI understand that the game is at a very early stage, but if you get too close to a wall and you hit the space while you walk forward and keep the "W", you can walk the walls


That's actually intetional to help with getting up ledges


Ok dude, it's an idea that I like as a game concept, I hope you finish it